Your best friend throws, like, the most totally tubular theme parties on campus … Fright Night, Alice in Wonderland, Great Gatsby — it’s a never-ending stream of fun ideas that have everyone dressing up in costume for another gnarly night. And tonight’s the ‘Totally Tubular 80s Night.’ You head over in costume ready to dance out your Pacman Fever, but, whoa, the night was just a bit too bodacious for your own good. Friends, you have partied so hard that you interrupted the time-space continuum and you are now STUCK in 1988. Dude! You have a final tomorrow and if you don’t ace it, you can kiss your degree goodbye. Way. You have to get back to the Present Day. You have 25 minutes to work together to figure out how to open up a time portal and zoom back before this party gags you with a spoon.