One fun twist on our room is that an actor is in the room with the team the whole time and is part of the story. The actor will lead the group in and start the time, as well as do the wrap-up after the game is over.

Teams can be comprised of 2 – 12 people and the game runs in 25 minutes. At the conclusion of each game, there is a 10-minute break while the team that has just completed the challenge, takes team pictures and the room is reset for the next team.

Our standard package runs the room for 4 hours and 5 minutes and allows up to 84 people to play. Additional hours can be added for longer events and more teams, as can a second copy of the room to allow two teams to play at one time which can then accommodate up to 168 people in the standard time frame.

The format of the game is like the spokes of a wheel, not in a linear progression. So, there are several puzzles that can be played by different members of the group at the same time that will each produce a piece of the final puzzle that is played as a group. This allows maximum participation and encourages team work.


Technical Specifications

We will discuss with you in advance the specifics of the space that you have available and workarounds can generally be found, but the basic tech is as follows:

  • A room that is a minimum of 15’ x 15’
    • The room must contain a door that can be closed
    • If the room has windows, they must be covered to block out light
    • The ability to turn the lights off and on in the room
    • The room must be cleared out of any furniture, objects, wall hangings, etc and preferably has blank walls
    • For spaces that are much larger than requested, additional walls will be provided by Campus Escapes to reduce the room size
  • A desk that has been emptied out completely (if there are no spare desks, we can discuss workarounds)
  • A chair (desk style chair preferred)
  • Two (2) 6’ or 8’ tables or pieces of furniture about that size that provide a surface and are emptied out
  • Access to electricity in the room and two extension cords
  • One to two volunteers to assist with taking team pictures and sending new teams into the room experience
  • A small space outside of the room for team pictures
  • If you have any additional small furniture pieces to put in the room, those are welcome, but not necessary. Examples would include, filing cabinet, side table, credenza, additional chair, bookcase.