Teams can be comprised of 2 – 12 people and each game runs 25 minutes. A unique twist in our rooms is that there is an actor in the room with the team the whole time as part of the story! The actor will guide the group in, keep the time, and oversee the smooth operation of the game, all while playing a character that adds to the immersion and entertainment. This actor will also lead a wrap-up after each round concludes: the finished team finds out how they did and what they missed (if they didn’t escape). Following that, they take team pictures while the room is reset within ten minutes by the actor.

Our standard package runs the room for 4 hours and 5 minutes and allows up to 84 people to play. Additional hours can be added for longer events and more teams, as can additional rooms — a second copy of the first, or a set-up for one of our other themes.

Our games are formatted like the spokes of a wheel, not in a linear progression. This is important to the game design as there are several puzzles that can be played by different members of the group at the same time. Each produce a piece of the final puzzle, which is played as a group. This prevents a situation where members of a group are spending time watching one person play, allowing maximum participation and encouraging teamwork!


Technical Specifications

While each of our games require minor changes, the below specifications serve as a general list. We will discuss with you in advance the specifics of the space that you have available and workarounds can generally be found:

  • A room that is a minimum of 15’ x 15’
    • The room’s entrance/exit must be a door that can be shut during rounds
    • If the room has windows, they must be covered to block out light
    • Light switches that control the room lights need to be accessible within the room
    • The room must be cleared out of any furniture, objects, wall hangings, etc., and preferably has blank walls
    • In much larger spaces, additional walls can be provided by Campus Escapes to reduce the room size for an added fee
  • Two (2) 6’ or 8’ tables or pieces of furniture about that size that provide a surface and are emptied out
  • Access to electricity in the room and two extension cords
  • Two volunteers per room to assist with taking team pictures and preparing arriving teams
  • A small space outside of the room for team pictures
  • If you have any additional small furniture pieces to put in the room, those are welcome, but not necessary