Campus Escapes brings the worldwide craze of live escapes to your school or event. Room escapes began with the 90’s point-and-click adventure PC games that focused on searching and puzzle solving. A live escape puts you inside the game with a team to physically participate in the story. This activity, besides being great entertainment, is designed to get a group focused on leadership and team building as they work together using the available tools combined with logic to escape the room in a set period of time. For those groups that don’t solve the puzzle in time, they still get out of the room to take a group pic and the post-game talk begins on where they could have worked together better to accomplish the mission. The groups that do get out in time get bragging rights and a picture.

Choose from two games: The Philosopher and The Mystery on Mount Olympus


This is a perfect activity for your:
Campus Event * Birthday Celebration * Bar or Bat Mitzvah * Party

We also offer Leadership and Team Building packages that include a leadership coaching session after you play the room.

  • We travel all over the country and set this event up in your venue.

  • Our basic package includes up to four hours of game play.

  • For events in the Los Angeles area, packages start at 1 hour.

  • Call us today for pricing and more information: 866-769-9037.

The event went fabulously, we got nothing but positive feedback. The event drew a more diverse crowd in terms of age and campus involvement and they all left asking for us to bring you guys back. Our club really liked working with Brian and I personally thought he was a great contribution to the overall experience in the room. The clues allowed groups to both split up and work together. We got to experience and sometimes hear groups “collaborating” together with high energy. Thank you very much for making such a wonderful experience.

Brooke Umbra, University Programming Board Member, Union College

Campus Escapes was a hit! We probably turned away enough students for 2 – 3 more rounds before word spread the slots were filled. I think we’ll definitely be interested in having it back sometime this academic year to try the other room. Brian was great to work with, too.

Edie McCracken, Director Memorial Union, Fort Hays State University

The actor was great. The students loved him and thought he was wonderful to work with… Everyone really enjoyed the room and thought it was a smart idea.

Jason Meier, Director of Student Activities, Emerson College

Thanks for having me and my friends! We all agreed it was one of the best escape room experiences we’ve had, very smartly conceived, and a ton of action packed into a short amount of time.